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18+ Fan Comics


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-Wonderful King- iidaxdeku comic
Prince Midoriya runs away so he can prove himself as the future king. How can his knight, Iida, show him that he's already more than enough?
Fantasy AU Iideku fan comic.
Adult content.
20 pages plus cover.

-Serenate of Water- SidonxLink comic
What is Link doing by the lake? Surely it can’t be anything naughty, right? Sidon better investigate quick before Link gets in trouble!
Sidlink +18 Comic is 24 pages.

-Bottoms Up- Kiribaku comic
Kiribaku fan comic about Bakugou trying to bottom for the first time. If you couldn't already tell, it's NSFW AF, and a porny good time. U3U
16 pages long - including a 12 page comic + bonus content.

All characters are aged up to be over 18.
Ships in 1-3 days.